Service Provided at additional costs

Reservations available for Conferences, Meetings, Plays, Graduations, School groups, Birthday parties or Dance performances.

- Movie screen available $25.00
- DVD/Power point Projector available $50.00
- Microphone available $25.00
- Ticket booth available
- Concession services available upon request $25.00
- Clean up fee $75.00
- Gift Certificates or Movie passes available
Rental Cost Information

- Auditorium rental fee $100.00 each day if booked for more than 1 day for meetings or conferences only.
- Auditorium rental fee starts at $150.00 per day and can go up depending on event booked.
- Additional costs not included in above prices.
* Note: No Helium balloons allowed in auditorium

Admission Price Information
Special admission group rates for movies
- Call for group information
- Concessions special $5.50 small pop, small popcorn, candy

For Booking Reservations and Availability
Deidre Maldonado (509) 865-2800 #4740